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Asset Lifecycle Management with Insights

Build a solid foundation of accurate data for you and your channel.

Recurring Revenue Management with Insights

Increase renewal rates and reduce time to contract.


How Resellers/Partners Leverage Our Platform

Technology Refresh Opportunities

Efficiently identify technology refresh opportunities based on LDOS impacted Assets and proactively deliver proposals to customers.


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Software License Under Consumption

Aggregated dashboard of the full Customer License Account and sorting of all license underconsumption within customer license pools.


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Maintenance Renewal Preparation

Enables partner team to efficiently and accurately prepare renewals of maintenance contracts.


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Software License Subscription Renewal

Automatic identification of all subscriptions/licenses coming up for renewal regardless of buying model.


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Coverage Gaps

Enables partner to automate insights to ensure coverage continuity and proactively close the maintenance gap.


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Global Assessment

Drive efficiency within partner operations teams by aggregating, consolidating, and auditing various data sources to deliver a single, trusted source of information.


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Enhanced MACDs Management

Operational practice providing a technology platform and data analyst team to manage both reactive (change requests) and proactive (audit automation) MACDS.


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Uncovered Sales Opportunity

With the sales Play dashboard, partners can effortlessly pinpoint any assets that have never been explored, thanks to the presence of a reliable Unified Source of Truth.


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Delivering a Unified Source of TruthTM

In order for enterprises to effectively manage and keep track of their customer base, it is crucial to consolidate, interpret, and regulate data elements from various sources. By seamlessly merging, translating, and governing these disparate pieces of information, a Unified Source of Truth is established. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses have a reliable and accurate record of their infrastructure, enabling them to make informed decisions and maintain a strong foundation for their operations.

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200+ Vendors Integrated


What They Say About Us

"RAY ALLEN has absolutely nailed the combination of people,process and tools to handle the gnarliest messes for our top clients. Our clients can’t afford to attempt to do this on their own in the old business as usual loosely tracked nightmare that has been the norm for so long."

"RAY ALLEN understands the intricate landscape of Cisco, our Partners, and the mechanics of how Cisco operates…"


One of the world’s leading telecommunications giants partnered with us to deliver an efficient and accurate system for managing their end customers’ IT networking assets.

The Challenge

The rise in virtualization and convergence of software and hardware has made assets much more difficult to track.

Our Solution

Our solution involves providing a diverse range of platform features and expertly managed services to consistently update all data on the assets of their valued customers. We strive to make the renewal process as effortless and uncomplicated as possible.

Increased Revenue, Client Retention, Reduce Costs, Risk Mitigation, and more.

How A Reseller/Partner Can Deliver Our Platform


Self-service partner-delivered solution providing high-touch & feature-rich lifecycle management insights & controls for you to deliver to your client.


Managed advisory RAY ALLEN-delivered solution designed for your clients that require a more high-touch asset management solution.


Solution managed entirely by RAY ALLEN, designed to exceed your and your cient's business demands on operational goals & objectives.

All-In-One Solution for ITAM & More