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Asset Lifecycle Management


Recurring Revenue Management


Asset Lifecycle Management with Insights

Build a solid foundation of accurate data for you and your channel.

Leverage the cutting-edge RAY ALLEN asset management technology and comprehensive range of services to not only enhance customer adoption but also maximize customer retention. By harnessing the power of RAY ALLEN's sophisticated asset management solutions, you can effortlessly optimize your operations and gain valuable insights into your assets' lifecycle. With accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips, you can confidently make informed decisions that drive business growth and propel your channel towards unprecedented success. Trust RAY ALLEN to revolutionize the way you manage your assets and experience unparalleled efficiency and profitability.

Global Assessments
The 10-foot View

Asset Lifecycle

Maintain the accuracy, governance and relevance of your and your customers’ data.

  • Offer new customer lifecycle experiences.
  • Enhance the integrity of your customers’ data.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with service levels that fit their needs.
The 100,000-foot View


Transform your IT asset data into actionable strategy.

  • Accurate insights based on comprehensive management of customer asset lifecycles.
  • View insights in over 25 unique ITAM business intelligence applications.
  • Insights designed for revenue-increasing, cost-saving, and risk mitigation outcomes.

ALM/i Subscription Services

We offer 3 tiers of asset lifecycle services designed to support the objectives of Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers and their Enterprise Customers.


Expert personnel and lifecycle platforms and processes designed to enhance SPs’ and VARs’ ITAM practices and offerings.


Foundation services:

  • RAY ALLEN Global Assessment Audit: Create your Unified Source of Truth
  • Dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM)
  • Onboarding and data support specialists
  • On-going data audits and change processing: Maintain your Unified Source of Truth


Managed services for complex Enterprise Customers.


Foundation services, plus:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to the customer account (CSM)
  • Proactive, comprehensive lifecycle management support
  • Enterprise Customer quarterly business reviews
  • Lifecycle optimization process workflows


Managed Services for your largest and most complex Enterprise Customers.


Foundation and Select services, plus:

  • Enterprise agreement management
  • Renewal and true-up support
  • Credit processing
  • Customized services

Recurring Revenue Management with Insights

Increase renewal rates and reduce time to contract.

Utilize cutting-edge IT Asset Management (ITAM) technology, coupled with the expertise of our renewal specialists and streamlined processes, to effortlessly maximize the value of your contract renewals. Our comprehensive approach ensures swift and efficient capture of the utmost potential from your renewals, enabling you to boost your renewal rates while significantly reducing the time it takes to finalize contracts. With our unrivaled combination of advanced technology and dedicated professionals, you can confidently navigate the complexities of recurring revenue management and unlock unparalleled success in your business.

EA Monitoring

Asset Lifecycle

End-to-end recurring revenue lifecycle management, including data validation, quoting and sales microservice offerings.

  • Use accurate and validated IT asset data to increase renewal rates, revenue capture and maximize credit and rebates.
  • Improve efficiency of your renewal departments with augmented staff and expertise.
  • Transform cumbersome renewal negotiations into streamlined transactions.
The 100,000-foot View


Strategic business intelligence based on accurate and governed renewal opportunities. You receive:

  • Accurate renewal insights based on comprehensive management of customer asset lifecycles.
  • View insights in renewal performance business intelligence applications.
  • Insights designed for recurring revenue enhancement and pipeline and opportunity management outcomes.
Renewals Powered by IT Asset Management.

RRM/i Subscription Services


Data Validation

Renewals powered by IT Asset Management that use comprehensive data audits and governance to produce accurate renewals.


Features include:

  • RAY ALLEN Business Intelligence (RACS/BI) platform – Renewal Performance Workbench
  • Visibility into hardware and software subscription renewal opportunities and technology refreshes
  • Cleansed, aligned, audited and validated renewal data for accurate quotes
  • Ability to maximize incentives and rebates from Technology Manufacturers

Renewal Quoting

Full-service quoting teams that use our IT Asset Management processes and technology to produce accurate, customer-facing quotes.


Features include:

  • Proactive quote generation based on accurate data
  • Quote revision and alterations assistance for sales departments
  • Support for any and all quoting issues, including solutions and exception handling

Renewal Sales

Full-service sales teams that use our IT Asset Management processes and technology to sell and book accurate customer-facing quotes.


Features include:

  • Proactive renewal sales to your customer base
  • Full territory and channel forecasting
  • Management of the full sales process from reception of quotes and submission of purchase orders to booking the final deal

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